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October 29, 2014.
Professor Jean Tirole (Toulouse School of Economics) who was awarded an Honorary Doctorate by the Department of Economics of the Athens University of Economics and Business  received the Nobel Prize 2014 in Economics Details
December 6, 2011.
The deadline for registration in the EVDOXOS system for autumn semester is December 15, 2011 and the deadline for receipt of the relevant books is December 31, 2011.
Details (in Greek)
October 25, 2011.
The welcome event for freshmen and the subsequent presentation of the Department of Economics and the Undergraduate Program by the Head of the Department, Prof. Ioannis Katsoulakos will be held on Monday October 31, 2011, at 15:15 in Auditorium "A" Details (in Greek)
July 29, 2011.
Program initiation for Studies in Pedagogics and Teaching Sufficiency for senior undergraduates.  More (in Greek)..